Penny Cakes Food Cart

3582 SE Powell Blvd.

Double Tier Cakes, 3 Inch

Financier Cake

A French almond cake, flavored with beurre noisette. $6.00

Pate a Choux Cake

A light French cake full of butter, water, flour and eggs. $6.00

Dacquoisette Cake

A meringue-like French cake that is both soft and chewy. $6.00

Madeleine Cake

A spongy French cake. $6.00

Chocolate Cake

Behold! Chocolate cake. $6.00

Cakes - Monthly Specials

London Fog. Tiramisu. Toffee Nut. Lavender Lemonade. Brown Sugar Peach. Blood Orange. Pina Colada. Chai Spice. Strawberry. $7.00

Throwing a Party?

Full-size 9 inch Birthday Cake or Party Cake - $60

Custom 3 inch Double Tier Cakes by the Dozen - $65

Cake packages available. Click to see them all!

Cake Toppings & Drinks

Icing Choices -

Vanilla French Buttercream

Citrus French Buttercream

Caramel Ganache

Chocolate Ganache

More Choices -

Fancy Sprinkles

Super Fancy Sprinkles

Seasonal Fresh Fruit

Whipped Cream

Drink Choices -

Double Espresso $3

Drip Coffee $2

Sparkling Water $1

Penny Cakes PDX

Made-to-order, double-tier, three-inch cakes hand crafted in a Portland dessert food cart located at 3582 SE Powell Blvd.

Dessert Chef

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Penny FitzMaurice

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